Animal Healing using Crystals

Animal Healing using Crystals

We love our animals unconditionally, as they are part of our family life.

Just as we treat ourselves to crystals and their unique healing vibrations, you may extend them to your precious fur baby too. This includes, pets with scales, feathers, wings, webbed feet, gills and any living energy, I may have forgot in our vast animal kingdoms! 

Just as we have Chakras, so do animals and they can become unbalanced by daily life.

Animals in all their forms are very instinctual, wise and the best teachers for us. When they get sick we nurse them, just as they help us when we are ill or feeling angry, sad, happy etc

You can use most crystals on animals, apart from Moldavite and Herkimer Diamonds. These vibrations are not suited at all. I also tend to steer clear of raw crystals which may be toxic if licked by your pet. Stones like Malachite, Tigers Eye, Cinnabar or Bumble Bee Jasper for example may make them sick. Better to be safe than sorry! 

The easiest way to benefit your dog/cat if they are too active is too wait till they are relaxed, tired and sleeping! 

Place a crystal near them, touching them or if they allow resting upon their body. Program the crystal/s for their need and healing and try keep them in place for up to 10 minutes.

You may notice your dog twitches! Lilly our eldest Whippet always twitches her nose when I give her Reiki Healing. She gets very relaxed and her breathing slows a lot. Luña (shown) is a crazy little whippet and I need to wait till she is having her Zen moment before any healing gets done! 

So, I hope this inspires you to give it a go. Your animal will love you for the boost of natural energies. If you need anymore advice or have questions, please message me anytime. I’m happy to help. 

Our Crystal Healing pouches are perfect for your animals and they work exactly the same way as they do on us. So if they have an ailment and we have a pouch for it, rest assured it’s what you need. 



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