Authentic Native American Jewellery

Authentic Native American Jewellery

There is so much Turquoise out there, but a lot is not genuine and is stabilised. This is fine if you want a cheaper alternative but be sure it is stated so you know what you are purchasing!

I have Native American heritage and am proud to offer genuine silver and real turquoise jewellery. Each piece is hand made and all pieces are stamped. They are made by the Navajo and Zuni Tribes and each piece holds the most incredible energy of the artist who created them

Being handmade each piece is unique and no two will be the same

Native Americans stamp their silver differently than the usual “westerner” way and theirs always shows “sterling”. Their silver is usually a more oxidised finish and this gives a wonderful rustic character to the jewellery

You can get it wet, but I recommend against it all the time. Eventually it will remove the oxidised finish over a period of months or years. I simply wipe mine with my damp towel of a night after showering if needed.

TURQUOISE used is from the surrounding mines in Nevada, Arizona & New Mexico 🌵🏹🌵🏹

The blue green shades originate from Nevada and the Blue hues are from Arizona

Please don’t expect perfection, these are hand made the traditional way, not on a machine!

The Turquoise is genuine and therefore will contain surface indentations and imperfections, it’s beautifully natural (way better than the manufactured perfect finish look found in most chain stores).

I hope you enjoy our Collection. It is more expensive than our other jewellery, but it holds the unique beauty of Native American Silversmiths, their passion and their talent, to me that is invaluable! 

“May you walk in beauty” Kelli 🏹

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