Chakras For Ultimate Health

Chakras For Ultimate Health

Chakra is from the Sanskrit and means “wheel” we have several of these energy centres within our body

Chakras are spinning energy wheels that keep us healthy and balanced in daily life

They are in 7 different areas from our Root to our Crown.

They are aligned with our main energy channel and run parallel with the spine. Each chakra vibrates a particular colour frequency and we can use crystals of similar colour to boost their power

If a block, stagnant energy or hole appears in our auric fields or chakras this causes dis-ease

This will cause imbalance from within and we may get symptoms of this problem in our physical body, we don’t want this to happen!

Crystal healing provides natural energy vibrations and allows the body to self heal, by triggering responses 

Crystals programmed for healing by us can assist your etheric, mental, physical and astral bodies keeping them balanced

Each coloured crystal connects with its chakra to bring the healing vibrations needed for spiritual and emotional and health

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