Connecting with your new Crystals

Connecting with your new Crystals

So your Crystals have called you and you have wisely listened. They have arrived already cleansed and charged by me. I have also Reiki infused them with highest Universal energies. 
So now what do you do?....

You connect with them like a new friend. Take a few days and even up to a week for this process, before you start working/healing with them. This important step helps your own and that of the crystal energies merge and become familiar. 

Easy ways to do this are :

*Placing your new crystal on your bedside table, under your pillow or in the pillow case if small.

* You may also speak some kind words to him/her and let them know your intentions or wishes. I find holding my crystal gently in both palms and holding in front of my Third Eye a very direct way to communicate with them. 

You will be surprised by the energy sensations you feel when holding and sharing thoughts with your crystal you will receive. 

The same goes for crystal jewellery:

*Wear the same piece for days on end if you can to merge with the crystal vibration.

* Cleanse your pieces at the end of the day/night after wearing them and remove before bedtime

* Place on your bedside table, to keep the new energy close by. 

Jewellery can have a very strong effect on us emotionally and this is because of the direct or very close skin contact.  It makes them ideal for healing and it’s just so easy!

You may experience anything ranging from chills, heat, pulsing, tingles, itchiness. Sensations all occur differently for all of us as we are individuals with our own needs and for each crystal we work with the results will vary.

Always give them gratitude for their healing gift and never work with them if you feel cranky or irrational! They don’t need this negativity projected at them. 

For crystals introduced in the family home, it’s great if you all touch them in passing, as they are for uniting love and relationships too. When placed in the living room or kitchen they are bringing unity and harmony to their sacred space. So everyone will benefit from their goodness and healing being emitted outwards. Clusters are a perfect choice for this. As clusters are a family themselves and all positively charge each other to keep that vibe high! 

You may notice that even your fur babies will give them a lick, sniff or gaze when they pass by. Crystals love attention and don’t want to be hidden away, keep them in a central place and touch and talk to them often. 

Have fun, cleanse charge and program them regularly and they remain vibrant, happy and full of love, light and Magick! 

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