Crystal Clusters for Charging

Crystal Clusters for Charging

Crystal Clusters are beautiful for our surrounds, but they also work wonders for smaller stones and our jewellery too. By using a cluster to charge jewellery or tumbles is a simple way to boost the vibrations in both. Clusters work in harmony with their little family of terminations, these all charge each other and diffuse energy outwards. They help absorb negative or stagnant energy and replace it with positivity. Place your jewellery on a cluster for a few hours and feel the difference. 

Amethyst ~ is protective, banishes stress and offers us abundance.

Citrine ~ brings positivity, removes negativity and brings health.

Clear Quartz ~ offers healing from Root to Crown and brings all over body healing. White light protection and all that is good in our Universe.

So not only will you charge your favourite bling and tumbles, you will also infuse them with the extra energies of your desired cluster to charge with.

We have various sizes and types, the hardest part is choosing! Or take each 3 for ultimate balance! 

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