Crystals as Healing Home Decor

Crystals as Healing Home Decor

Crystals have come so far in terms of being accepted for their Metaphysical Properties and Healing.

This makes me so happy as it’s my life work and our small business! 
Placing crystals around your home has so many benefits. Here’s just a handful of them:

*Removing Negativity 

*Energising the energy with positive vibrations

*Attracting abundance and good luck

*Protection against supernatural realms and Ill wishing 

*Relieving nightmares and promoting sweet dreams

*Balancing Yin/Yang energies 

I should write a book about what crystals help what rooms right? But, in the meantime I do have another blog on here with recommendations for you all in regards to crystals! 

You are also welcome to message me via email or our social media platforms with any questions about this and your home.

These are my Pink Banded Onyx and they promote love, protection and serenity in our living/dining room space.

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