Full Moon Crystal Rituals

Full Moon Crystal Rituals

Crystals love Full Moon energies and each month is your opportunity to keep them energised and vibrating at their full healing potential. This is an important step as our crystals absorb our negativity. We should also connect with lunar energies and release freely what no longer serves us. Stand with you arms outstretched to receive the energy or sit on the Earth for balance and grounding  and breathe in nature, peace and solitude.Let you mind relax and thoughts flow.

This practice is simple and easy to follow:

~ Gather your crystals which are safe to place outdoors overnight, and place them directly on the Earth to receive grounding energies, you may arrange them as a mandala, grid or simply place them together as a group. If you wish they may sit on a table.

~ If you don't have outdoors as an option, place them by a window inside, this works just as well, add your gemstone jewellery to the mix as well.

~ After some gentle morning Sun, which is another charging element for crystals, programme each one with your intent and thoughts. You may speak your words or hold your stones to your Third Eye Chakra to communicate with them. Hold them gently in you palms and feel their power. 

~ You will visually notice the extra sparkle and joyful vibration in your stones, as they have renewed themselves and enjoyed the magick of lunar energy.

~ Take a moment, relax and breathe and give thanks to nature and the Universe for the energy and gift it has given you and your crystals. 

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