Hashimoto’s/Thyroid Support Healing Crystals Pouch

Hashimoto’s/Thyroid Support Healing Crystals Pouch

As a person who has Hashimoto’s I thought I’d share some crystals I find helpful in my daily life.

I got quite a few messages from you all asking about what I do. So here it is! I created a pouch for you all, the same as mine. The crystals I have used focus on the following health concerns we face at some point during our Auto Immune journey. And yes some days are bad! But, never give up, there are so many of us fighting the same disease. Just accept it and focus on the blessings around you. They outnumber the bad days!

Dumorietite ~ she soothes our entire system and Thyroid

Lapis Lazuli ~ she helps ease inflammation within our body & eases blood pressure

New Jade ~ she helps us with longevity, eliminating toxins & hair health 

Citrine ~ she boosts our immunity & digestion when we feel lethargic 

Blue Quartz ~ she gives us a positive state of mind and calms our Thyroid 

We all experience different symptoms and flare ups. I’m hoping each of these give you some glimmer of hope, when those symptoms hit. 

I have lost half my hair and the effects have been really emotionally hard. I use hair extensions to cover the bare spots, sparse hair and thinning and I also use topical hair treatments for scalp health.

I thought by my spotlighting something like this, I may shine a light for someone else on the same path. It helps to know you aren’t alone! 






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