Journaling and using Trinket Boxes

Journaling and using Trinket Boxes

Writing your thoughts down in a journal/diary has become so popular in recent times.

For good reason and here’s why:

~ When we journal we are writing down a wish or manifestation we want to achieve.

~ By writing it we are putting our energy into positive actions.

~ When we think and wish for something we don’t have, believe it to be already there. See it using your minds eye. Watch it play out like a movie you are the main star in! 

Journaling can contain your thoughts, dreams or what you want to happen in the future for yourself. There is no rule and it’s a very personal thing to do.

Trinket boxes work wonderfully when used in conjunction, why?

We can place our divination tools in them and amplify energy into action again. Like we did when we wrote in our journal.

Draw a daily oracle/tarot and place it in your box with a crystal for natural vibrations. 

Ask the crystal to amplify your desires, you can even place your writing journal and trinket box together and merge everything for even more potency! 

If you really want to feel the energy rising, light a candle beside your journal and trinket box! Candlelight attracts love, light and helps carry our thoughts and prayers to the higher spiritual realms…

Now, I’ve peaked your interest all you need do is choose a favourite design and get to work my lovelies. 


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