Mala Prayer Beads for Spirituality

Mala Prayer Beads for Spirituality

Malas beads are the ultimate crystal to wear, they share with us higher energy and vibrations.

Mala beads are used to practice a daily mantra whilst meditating or praying. You begin on one side and work through each bead until you reach the larger guru in the centre. Repeat your chant on the other side

Your affirmation may be whatever inspires you. You can also use them as a reminder during the day or night, to follow your thoughts and intentions set. 

When wearing your Mala Beads you will retain their spiritual energies and bring them into your daily routine. 

We have so many crystal types to choose and all are Reiki Infused by me, with the extra goodness of Universal energy. 

So whatever your intention, choose your Mala with the thought that you will rise your Mind Body and Spirit to a whole new level of healing and prayer. 

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