Natural Herbs for Rituals and Spells

Natural Herbs for Rituals and Spells

Writing spells is something I love to do...

They empower, manifest and add extra intent or thoughts  to crystals, herbs and spiritual tools we use with them. All our herbs are wonderful for use with charcoal discs, they produce their cleansing aroma and may be used for spells requiring:

~ protection



~ health

~ family and more!

The way you use yours may differ and it’s a personal choice. Like me you may enjoy writing your own spell to chant as you burn your herbs and perform your Magick rituals.

During all spells, Reiki Crystal healings or cleansing, I always recite my spells 3 times. This invokes the power of 3, a number of the holy trinity. For me it works, but again the choice is a personal one. Call in your favourite Goddess to empower and assist your work. They are always listening to us

Herbs have been used for centuries for their natural goodness, their sustainability, and their healing powers. All of our single origin or our blended batches are hygienically packaged by us, into our clean sealed bags to retain their freshness and protect from air and moisture. 

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