Plants & Gardens love Crystal Energy

Plants & Gardens love Crystal Energy

We love healing ourself and even our fur babies with crystals don’t we? Yes, we sure do!

So, how about adding them to your garden or indoor plants. They seriously love the natural energy.

I place any variety of Quartz outside and inside. In this photo we used some Rose Quartz Raw Chunks. Sure, they will fade a little, but who cares? Their energy doesn’t fade, in fact just the opposite!

Crystal energy thrives when it connects with Mother Earth again. After all crystals grew in the Earth for millions of years. So, it’s kind of nice to return them to her I think.

You can also try Moss or Tree Agate if you harvest vegetables or have plants that may be struggling health wise.

Spring is upon us and it’s the perfect time to kick of your shoes, ground yourself and let those crystals and plant energies merge.

The fairies and Nature Spirits will also be grateful you have shared good vibes with them. 


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