Raise your Vibration

Raise your Vibration

Raise your Vibration. But how do we actually do this? 
Let’s start with some simple steps involving crystals and spiritual pieces that we have in our home already.

Step 1. Grab a Master Clear Quartz crystal, they are easily programmed and have a high frequency. We can merge with their natural high vibes. Hold them during meditation.

Step 2. Go outside in nature and ground barefoot, feel Mother Earth beneath you. Breathe, enjoy nature and her healing energies.

Step 3. Play and feel some sound vibrations, like using a Singing Bowl or even playing loud music, feel its rhythm and dance! This is a sacred act for our body and raises our spiritual self and energy.

Step 4. Treat your body like a temple. Practice self love and treat yourself to rest, sleep and gentle activity.

Step 5. Eat a healthy diet in moderation and always drink a lot of water daily to keep yourself hydrated and flushed of toxins.

Step 6. Burn some sage and cleanse your space regularly for positive energy and happiness

Step 7. Stop negative thoughts before they take hold! Flip it to the positive side whenever possible

Step 8. Get a Distant Reiki Healing for yourself. This is infusing you with pure Universal Life Force Energy. (Always use a qualified Reiki Master).

The difference in your thoughts, body and attitude will amaze you. Take the test for a week and feel alive! 


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