Saturn Retrograde Insight & Crystals

Saturn Retrograde Insight & Crystals

Saturn rules our Karma….so let’s hope your past behaviours have been positive rather than negative. This is a time to balance the scales and own your actions.

Now is the time to motivate and empower yourself! Wake up smell the coffee and grab some high vibration crystals.

Your actions and mindset at present will influence your future goals and journeys.

So, putting in the extra effort now,  you will reap the rewards in the years ahead. Ground work is essential for any plan, dream or goal.

If you have gone astray, correct it during this strong energy shift and build a strong foundation for yourself and your future.

Keep it realistic, and don’t be disappointed if it takes a while before you see the fruits of your labour. They will be there!

Crystals which may suit include:

Citrine ~ attract positive energy and abundance (in all forms)

Smokey Quartz ~ release and clear any toxins in your life, including your body

Lemurian Quartz ~ draw on the ancient wisdom of these stones

Sodalite ~ calm your emotions, your actions and trust intuition always

Black Obsidian ~ your protection talisman against any negativity coming your way

Relax a moment and then take a breathe.  Now, get your game plan into action.

This is the perfect opportunity to invest in your future!



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