Shakti/Yoni Wands

Shakti/Yoni Wands

These Crystal Wands are 100% natural for totally holistic healing within...

Shakti represents cosmic energy and the forces of the Universe.

She is a Goddess of auspicious energy which can bring creative or destructive energy to or away from us.

These gorgeous healing wands consist of Quartz or Obsidian Crystal and are designed for sexual health/healing of Sacral and Root Chakras and are safe for Yoni use.

They are also perfect for full body massage and removing knots in muscles or removing stagnant energy and for reflexology.

Tapping into crystal energies is very beneficial for our Mind, Body & Soul and once we connect with our crystal the energy received is rather very special. 

I’m always happy to share Crystal advice, so if you feel inspired to heal from within, just message me and I’m happy to help you on your Sacral Journey of Healing Goddess Energy! BB Kelli xx 

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