Smoky Quartz Talisman

Smoky Quartz Talisman

We all need a handful of Smoky Quartz in our life right? Let’s get started with ideas on how to use a piece…

These are ideal to carry in your handbag or in your car to use as a protection talisman  

Smoky also helps ground us, so if you can’t sleep place a piece beside your bed & let it clear your mind & balance your body 

Deflect negative juju from your home by placing a piece near your front door entrance 

You can even pop one in your bath or on the shower floor to clear away all your stagnant energy & toxins as you cleanse your physical body, it loves a wash

Now you have some ideas on usage, pop one or two in your cart & look forward to receiving good vibes in the mail in a few days, I’ll even infuse them with a Reiki energy so you can use them straight away
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