Understanding Crystal Shapes and Energy

Understanding Crystal Shapes and Energy

So many crystals and so many shapes!

There is more to them than you realise. Did you know that each shape actually transfers their energy slightly different. Yep, they sure do!

Spheres ~ Even flowing energy waves and calming harmonious vibrations

Pyramids ~ Powerful manifesting, meditation and intention setting

Towers ~ Energise and power up all smaller crystals (like a battery)

Clusters ~ Banish negativity from their surrounds and replace it with positivity 

Eggs ~ Attract fertility, abundance and good luck to your surrounds

Palm Stones ~ Soothe stress and calm your nerves by releasing good endorphins

Athames ~ Break through past traumas and Auric ties to help you with new growth

Crystal Wands ~ the ultimate healer and energy releaser! Perfect for all over body massage

Jewellery ~ Direct body contact makes it easy to absorb crystal vibrations for healing 

These are just some of the popular forms that most of us love and use in our daily life.

These gorgeous crystals shown were put together for a lovely customer who wasn’t quite sure on what forms would benefit her. She wanted to focus on Amethyst and Spirituality.  So I gathered some of the best, for her needs and home and she loves them!

Feel free to message or email me for advice or crystal wisdom, there’s a lot to browse through and sometimes it does feel overwhelming to know what you need! That’s where I come in! 


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