Yoni Eggs Healing

Yoni Eggs Healing

Release your inner Goddess

These eggs work with our Sacral Chakras to help build our feminine Kundlini energies and rise them through our body.

Yoni Eggs are a simple way to increase your pelvic floor muscles and bring strength to your muscles. When used daily they will bring benefits that are long lasting.

The egg is held in place using your pelvic floor muscles. If you find you cannot hold them simply use whilst sitting or laying down for 10 minutes a day until your strength is increased.

Begin with the largest size egg and progress to the smaller or after childbirth. The benefits of these eggs are stronger muscles, lubrication and increased sensation in your pelvic region

Nothing is stopping you, shed any layers of self doubt, embarrassment or taboos and move forward into natural healing for a better more confident you! 

Natural medicine is here to help us, all we need do is put in the effort. 

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