Agate Geodes & Slices

Ever since I started collecting crystals these remain a favourite of mine

I keep them everywhere in our sacred spaces

Agate Caves are a very protective energy for families when placed in the home

Each is unique in size, form and colour tones

Caves are known to open your mind to allow spiritual growth, they make a perfect meditation piece

Ever wondered what Druzy actually is? 

It is thin layer of tiny quartz crystals, that are crystallised to the surface of a quartz rock or also in the hollow of Agate geodes

Druzy Quartz has all the properties of Quartz and looks like tiny sugar grains, it is widely sought after for jewellery design

Druzy has energy vibrations to increase our psychic ability, spiritual growth & clairvoyance 

Like all quartz it promotes perfect harmony, good vibes and equilibrium to our astral and physical bodies

Please note these are coloured Agate and the colour will fade if in sunlight or water, keep away from both for best longevity!