Aura ~Titanium Quartz ~ Bismuth

Aura is clear or rock quartz that has been heated with extreme high temperatures with vapours of gold, silver, platinum, titanium, and magnesium minerals, each producing a different colour spectrum

~ The heat reaches 871 degrees Celsius or 1600 Farenheight, the minerals/metals are then permanently bonded 

~ This is a modern day form of alchemy where nature meets man. The purified metals are added to the vacuum and fuse permanently to the outer surface of the quartz. This results in a beautiful metallic rainbow appearance and colours

~ The quartz energies are now further amplified with healing vibes of the other minerals/metals.

~ They are a popular healing crystal for clearing our Auric fields and bringing emotional wellbeing 

~ Each colour aura is used to activate and open its specific Chakra of the same tones 

Bismuth is a base metal crystal, that is grown to produce a rainbow colour spectrum and geometric form

It activates and opens our root and crown chakras simultaneously for healing and spiritual growth 

~ Rainbow Bismuth helps us through changes and brings calm whilst it allows us to evolve 

~ These should both be cleansed using White Sage Smudge, Palo Santo or Singing Bowls for optimum vibrations