Aqua Aura Point

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CHAKRA: Throat

weight: 5gms

height: 40mm approx

width: 8mm approx   ~ all basically equal sized and quality

Aqua Aura activates and opens the Throat Chakra

Aura is clear or rock quartz that has been heated with extreme high temperatures and blended with molten gold.

The heat reaches 871 degrees Celsius or 1600 Farenheight, the minerals are then bonded.

This is a modern day form of alchemy which the purified metals are added to the vacuum and fuse permanently to the outer quartz or lemurian crystal. This results in a beautiful metallic rainbow appearance and colours.

These points are drilled on one end, making them ideal for hanging or jewellery design.

With all these powerful healers combined the energies are uplifting but not overwhelming

Use a Aura point each morning and evening and circle above your crown chakra to encase yourself in a protective bubble of healing light

Aqua Aura is great to keep to shield yourself from modern society, and aids clear communication 

A crystal to promote mental clarity, amplify your thoughts, and help you spiritually evolve

It is great used in crystal healing to clear Chakras and your Aura of negative vibes, or use as a meditation aid

Aqua aura quartz can help you access the truth and your inner emotions

It balances us emotionally by keeping us aligned and clear of stagnant energies

A beautiful crystal to detoxify our mind, body and soul

Aura connect with our chakra of the same colour in healings

Metaphysically healing for a slow immune system or genetic disorders 

You receive one aqua aura point shown chosen intuitively for you