Bismuth Rainbow *SIMONE*

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CHAKRA: Root and Crown

weight: 48gms

height: 28mm

width: 71mm

Bismuth is a pretty rainbow coloured metal crystal, that is actually grown. The crystals have complex geometric hopper shapes and range in various shapes and sizes.

Their colour spectrum is the result of the oxide layer that forms on them.

Bismuth is a base metal crystal that opens our root and crown chakras simultaneously for healing

Rainbow Bismuth helps us through changes and brings calm whilst it allows us to evolve 

A powerful crystal for relieving exhaustion and a sense of being overwhelmed

It brings a rush of Earth energy to its keeper when needed to calm and bring back balance

Brings joy back to your life and a sense of positivity

Use for shamanic connections, meditation and focus

Perfect for personal spiritual growth and higher consciousness 

Metaphysically healing for fevers and easing chronic conditions

Helps you emotionally and spiritually for harmony in life