Ruby Aura Point

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weight: 5gms

height: 40mm

width: 8mm  ~ all basically equal sized and quality

Ruby Aura activates and opens the 1st Root Chakra which brings grounding energy

Aura is clear or rock quartz that has been heated with extreme high temperatures and blended with molten gold, platinum, titanium, or silver.

The heat reaches 871 degrees Celsius or 1600 Farenheight, the minerals are then bonded permanently 

This is a modern day form of alchemy which the purified metals are added to the vacuum and fuse permanently to the outer quartz or lemurian crystal. This results in a beautiful metallic rainbow appearance and colours.

These points are drilled on one end, making them ideal for hanging or jewellery design.

With all these powerful healers combined, the energies are uplifting but not overwhelming

Ruby Aura is perfect for young woman with body image issues. It promotes self worth and respect, and helps us accept our unique beautiful self.

Ruby Aura is great for detoxing our systems, motivation and rising our Kundaini energy up through the body from the base of our spine. 

This is a crystal of transformation and spiritual growth. Hold each morning to fill your aura with loving energy. Circle above your crown chakra to encase yourself in a protective bubble of healing light.

Ruby Aura stimulates our immune system.  It brings the body into balance and is an amplifier of energies.

It promotes positivity and helps us receive Universal love from higher planes and spiritual realms 

It is great used in crystal healing to clear Chakras and your aura of negative vibes, or use as a meditation aid

A beautiful crystal to detoxify our mind, body and soul and bring balance as a whole

Aura connect with our chakra of the same colour in healings

Metaphysically healing for lower back pain, slipped discs and sciatica. Useful for young women at the onset of puberty and for menstrual problems

You receive one ruby aura point shown chosen intuitively for you