Book Emporium

We are always expanding our Book Emporium with spiritual information 

All our books and cards are Recommended Retail Price

~ Tarot Cards & Oracle, Dragonfae & Faery cards, Angel cards and books

~ Astrology & Moon cycles, numerology

~ Self Healing, Chakras, dream interpretation

~ Crystal Bibles,  Crystal healing, crystal information, grid work

~ Wicca, spells & magick, Gypsy tales, Faery magic

~ Oracle & Tarot decks ~ care instructions

~ sleep with them for a few nights, under your pillow to retain your own energy and no-one else’s. Like crystals they should be cleansed and charged for optimum spiritual energy

~ when not in use placing a crystal of your choice, or Clear Quartz Generator on top of them, will keep them positively charged 


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