Blue Kyanite Cluster

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CHAKRA: Throat


weight: 69gms

height: 75mm

width: 25mm

Use for crystal healing and cleansing your aura and chakras

Brings balance and harmony to your life

A stone that alleviates stress, anger and anxiety and promotes peaceful sleep

Blue Kyanite is very energising and more active than black Kyanite

Great for creating an empowerment grid

These crystals hold no negativity so do not require cleansing

If you have lost your way in life or are moving in the wrong direction use your kyanite in a positivity grid

Metaphysically healing for mobility and cell regeneration

Kyanite will keep you on the right track in life

Blue Kyanite will also cleanse and clear other crystals in your collection

This crystal has a flaky texture, small pieces may come away whilst handling, this is completely natural