Orange Aragonite Star cluster

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CHAKRA: Sacral

weight: 166gms

height: 51mm

width: 60mm

This is a gorgeous piece to treasure with grounding safe energies

Aragonite is found in hot springs, volcanic rocks and the colours in Abalone Shells

A stone of Earth and sea Mother Goddesses

Orange Aragonite is a stabilising stone that brings focus and grounding

It brings centering energies and creates peace with serenity 

When placed beside your pillow or bedside aragonite will induce peaceful sleeping and relieve insomnia

Use for Earth healing practices and spirituality

Keep in you home for encouraging independence and creating harmony in your environment 

Place in centre of a grid layout to invite friendships and harmony

Metaphysically healing for winter chills, circulation, nervous system and chronic fatigue

 The star formation of aragonite sends vibrations to all directions of their surrounds