Bloodstone Elephant

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CHAKRA: Root, Sacral and Heart

ELEMENT: Earth and Fire

weight: 40gms

height: 35mm

width: 50mm averages

We all have a totem/spirit animal that has lessons to teach us, guidance and strength to share

Elephants are symbolic of power and strength

When they appear it represents a new path and. relationship with the Sacred Feminine 

Bloodstone or "Helitrope" means turning with the Sun

It is a sun stone that when dipped in water and placed on the skin sends healing, this is believed in many cultures

Bloodstone is an excellent stone for detoxing the body and soul

Boosts energy, motivation, clarity and is uplifting with protective energies 

A Mother goddess stone to ease misunderstandings or problems with mothers

Keep a piece in a glass jar where the sun shines to attract money to your home or business

Metaphysically healing for lower back pain, nosebleeds, circulation and strength in childbirth and labour

You receive one elephant shown, chosen intuitively for you