Yellow Jasper Eagle

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CHAKRA: Heart and Solar Plexus

weight: 40gms

height: 40mm

width: 48mm

Crystal Power Animals amplify their crystal type 

Power animals give us different energies depending on their type, they bring us instinctive strengths when needed

Eagles in Native American culture are symbolic of power and the chief of all winged birds.

It brings us messages from Spirit and connects us to the great Divine as it soars higher than that of all birds

We are all have a spirit/totem animal who brings us instinctive strengths when needed

All Jaspers are metamorphic having undergone changes of movement, heat and pressure from Mother Earth over time, this creates their inner strength

This is a stone of passion and love in your life

This is linked with the fertile blood of Mother Goddess Isis

Native North Americans believe it to contain the blood of Mother Earth

Carry Jasper as a protective amulet and prevent road rage

Gives us a powerful connection with Earth spirits and guardian

Metaphysically healing for menstruation, fertility and circulation

Jasper is activating for our sexuality and increases pleasure

Jasper absorbs negative energy and cleanses whilst aligning our physical, mental, etheric and auric bodies

It clears electromagnetic and environmental pollution from our surrounds