Pendulum ~ Amazonite

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CHAKRA: Heart and Third Eye


weight: 17gms

height: 37mm

width: 22mm

Pendulums help us tune into what has not happened yet....

Pendulums are energy amplifiers that use our own inner magic. They are a simple form of divination to learn and practice.

Always cleanse and programme your Pendulum for the highest good and protection when in use. They are  a wonderful divination and intuitive tool to keep.

Use for dowsing, scrying, tarot or investigating paranormal activity, cleansing auras and removing negative energies from your home or workspace 

Use for yes/no charts and higher spiritual connections with the spirit world or guides

I use mine in crystal healings by dowsing over the chakras to ensure even energy flows

Amazonite is a stone of courage and brings positivity. It directs anger and irritability away and brings free flowing vibes.

Amazonite removes negative energy, irritability or energy blocks in the body It also helps us manifest universal love and peace.

 It provides protection against electromagnetic pollution, when placed near devices.Keep a piece to ensure and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Amazonite increases self respect especially in women, it was worn by the semi mythical Amazon women warriors who had their shields adorning it in 10th century BC. This is where the name evolved.

The tones are calming like the waters of the great amazon river that flows

Amazonite is balancing for all 7 of our Chakras but strongly resonates with the Heart and Throat chakras