Pyramids & Orgone Pyramids

Pyramids are sacred geometry and master healers

~ Healing pyramids are perfect to channel and amplify our intentions

~ Use them as a meditation focal point and for manifestation practices

~They have been used since ancient times for healing and energising

~ Place a Pyramid in your palm to bring vitality if you have no time for a nap

~ Used in crystal healings they provide direct energy to the source of the problem

Orgones are a powerhouse of energies to be tapped into and are highly programmable 

Orgones are spiritual tools that bring many metaphysical benefits and protective vibes

~ For cleansing and charging, visit our Information section on the drop down menu

 Magick Aspect ~ Pyramids hold psychic energy. Use during meditation to increase clairvoyance, prophetic visions, astral travel & lucid dreaming, any size is powerful to use...