Chakra Bonded Pyramid

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weight: 97gms

height: 48mm

width: 44mm

This pyramid balances all your chakras for harmony and free flow energies

ROOT : Red Jasper

SACRAL: Orange Jade


HEART: Green Aventurine

THROAT: Stabilised turquoise 

THIRD EYE: Lapis Lazuli

CROWN: Amethyst mix

Chakras are like spinning wheels within our bodies that rotate evenly when we are balanced and in harmony. They are located at 7 different areas from feet to head

If a block of stagnant energy or hole appears in our auric fields this causes dis ease. It causes the chakra wheels to not spin freely.  Crystal healing provides balance and gets the energy free flowing

Each coloured crystal connects with the chakra to bring the vibes needed for spiritual health

Pyramids are sacred geometry and master healers

Healing pyramids are perfect to channel and amplify our intentions

Use them as a meditation focal point and for manifestation practices

They have been us since ancient times for healing and energising

If you have no time for a power nap hold a small pyramid between your hands and relax your mind so you may join your aura with the vibes of the pyramid