Green Obsidian Pyramid

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weight: 24gms

height: 20mm

width: 32mm

Green Obsidian is spiritually a more feminine  energy than black obsidian

It contains gentler Gaia energies which soften the fiery vibes of obsidian to bring calm

It is believed to never allow its use for evil and provides protection against negative energies

Keep a piece on you to keep your vibes and aura positive and light filled

It is a valuable healer and is often used in reiki and crystal healing

It unblocks the heart chakra and also heals other crystals which have become stagnant

Healing pyramids are perfect to channel and amplify our intentions

Use them as a meditation focal point and for manifestation practices

Pyramids are master healers due to their sacred geometry shape

Used in crystal healings they provide direct energy to the source of the problem

If you have no time for a power nap hold a small pyramid between your hands and relax your mind so you may join your aura with the vibes of the pyramid