Collection: Singing Bowls. Witch Bells. Clearing.

Singing Bowls are wonderful tools to promote peace, harmony and balance in your home

~ They may be used in crystal cleansing, sound healing and meditation

~ Use by gently holding in your open palm and running their striker around the outer rim

~ Those with their own cushion may be used either way

~ The bowl will sing in high pitches and deliver the traditional "Om" that brings us inner peace and relaxation

Each of our bowls have their own frequency and resonate to our 7 chakra energy centres

These chakra bowls do not have completely different notes relating to each chakra, the only way to obtain     this is to spend thousands on crystals bowls.. due to breakage and fragility we won’t stock these! 

~ All are hand made in Nepal or India and are uniquely crafted

~ Bowls are made from brass, copper, or use traditional 7 mixed auspicious metals

 ~ These mixed metals used for creating singing bowls are considered to bring luck in certain cultures

Please be aware the bowls are rustic in design, they are hand made and not perfect. This is their character!

Colours will slightly vary as will symbols as each is individual 

How to use: 

To create the soothing sound with a singing bowl, firmly press the accompanying mallet in circular motion against the bowl’s outer edge or rim. When you start hearing a bright, clear tone you can slow down the motion

Healing benefits:

~ promoting healing and stress reduction

~ stimulating the immune system with sound vibration

~ this reduces anxiety, lowers anger, improves circulation, happiness and inner stillness

Tibetan Tingsha Bells

~ are a spiritual tool to use for mind clarity, space clearing, meditation & deep relaxation

Space Clearing Bells

~ Space Clearing is a ritual found in almost every native culture

~ It allows us to energise our space and clear it of unwanted energies

Witches & Brass Bells

Placed at the front door they help banish bad energy from entering 

~ They clear spaces of unwanted negative vibrations or evil spirits

~ They may be used to conjure higher spiritual realms and energies

~ They may be used to clear crystals,  and possesions

~ Used In spells and manifesting