Nephrite Jade Sphere with wooden holder

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weight: 177gms

diameter: 48mm

Jade is a gentle vibration stone that holds no negativity and brings calming vibrations 

It is balancing for yin/yang energies and is known as a stone of fidelity. It has protective energies and is often used as a lucky talisman to attract health and abundance

Nephrite Jade is wonderful when used in dream recall and lucid dreaming or meditation 

Metaphysically it is a stone of good health, fertility and cleansing our system of toxins or stagnant energy

Jade is symbolic of good fortune and it brings positive energies to our surrounds

Crystal Spheres/balls contain their energies within and bring harmony to our surrounds

Used in crystal healing for their even energy flow due to their perfect shape

Use as a focal point during meditation or for scrying

Ancient China believe spheres to harness the powers of the Sun and transfer this to our homes for good luck, health and success