Silver Dangle Earrings

All our jewellery is made by beautiful silversmiths who have been able to keep working and retain their jobs, during the World pandemic of Covid. We have been working closely with them for the past 5 years.

Our business helps them donate and help those less fortunate in their country. For us, this is small business helping small business! 

All earrings feature .925 sterling silver 

All are listed alphabetically to make it easy to locate your chosen crystal energy 

They feature cabochon gemstones

Our jewellery is a great way to receive gemstone healing into your routine each day/night

Crystals in earrings should also be cleansed like regular crystals to keep their energy vibrant

A simple cleanse with water (if suitable) or white sage, a singing Bowl, or placing on a crystal cluster, is all that is needed to keep them sparkling and happily charged

Keyword of one healing property is included in their title

Please be aware earrings are each individual, in multiple listings they may slightly vary colour


~ For change of mind 

~ also for hygiene reasons

We operate in accordance with the Fair Trading Act of QLD 

All jewellery has a warranty period of 12 weeks. If it becomes damaged, breaks or tarnishes we are not responsible after this time frame. Jewellery is a personal item and the way it’s treated makes a big impact on its longevity! 

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