Astrophyllite & Pearl Silver Pendant



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CHAKRA: Sacral, Heart and Crown


Height: 46mm

Width: 23mm

This gorgeous stone resonates with Astrology and star wisdom

It connects us with higher realms and used during meditation can bring insightful answers or suggestions for your future journey

It eases life transitions, when changes arise

Use by candlelight or moonlight to attract new and exciting opportunities

This crystal leads us on our spiritual path and allows us to connect with the people needed to help us grow, it unfolds so called coincidences and places you continue to travel to, these are your future blueprint

Metaphysically Healing for PMS, menopause, fertility and health of our reproductive system and organs

Pearls hold the energy of Water, purity, movement and soothing beauty

Gone are the days they were considered bad luck, as an old wives tale, pearls now pair beautifully with earth crystals for a mix of earth and water elemental vibrations 

Pearls are formed when an oyster swallows a foreign body like sand which then coats it and forms the layers that build into a pearl

Believed to bring happy marriages. Useful for fertility , hormones and PMS.

Genuine .925 Sterling Silver