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Dreams from the Soul ~ Taylar

Dreams from the Soul ~ Taylar

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Wow, thank you beautiful souls so much for all your support! My book has been distributed & sold overseas as well as MoonstoneGypsyau & my personal business Otherworldly Counselling and Past Life Regression ….

Thank you all SO very much for your support and kind feedback, I appreciate every single one of you 💚

I’m over the moon to share my book “Dreams from the Soul” with the you! ~ Tarot Taylar

Dreams from the Soul offers a spiritual, intuitive, and creative approach to help you connect with the cosmic power of your dreams. 

With an abundance of information and easy-to-follow tips, you will undoubtedly find yourself experiencing deeper, more profound, and more memorable dream experiences.

Whether you're looking to enhance your dream recall, begin your lucid dreaming and astral-travelling journey, induce spiritual and awakening dream experiences, discover your soul's purpose, protect yourself from nightmares and psychic attacks, or decode the symbolic messages in your dreams, you will find valuable insight and guidance within this book! 

Through dream work, Tarot Taylar will help you discover your potential and find the answers and life direction you are looking for, which will naturally strengthen the relationships you have with your spirit guides and higher self.

Over 225 pages filled with topics such as ~  

  • How to connect & work with your spirit guides in the dream realm
  • Decipher recurring dreams, themes, and archetypes
  • Exploring where your dreams stem from e.g., past lives, emotions, higher self, unconscious mind, messages from the spirit world
  • How to interpret dream symbols intuitively and “simply!” + various techniques that will help you begin remembering your dreams more clearly and frequently
  • Guidance on how to begin astral projecting and lucid dreaming, and how to prevent spiritual attacks and nightmares from occurring
  • How to induce more memorable, peaceful, vivid, and awakening dream experiences

If you want a signed copy or little message written, simply leave a note with your order at checkout xx








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