About Us

Bright Blessings, and welcome to our world of metaphysical crystals, witchcraft, spirituality, healing, & Tarot.
I am a Certified Crystal Healer with Diploma. I believe in the natural vibrations of crystals in holistic healing, so I created our beautiful shop on the New Moon of October 2016. 
Wayne & I are a husband & wife team, & love our small business. This is our life path and living, and you will receive professional, prompt service with care and personal touches. We have now employed our 2 daughters, as we could not keep up! We keep our prices to a minimum as we believe crystals need to be afforded by all. Making huge profit, is not a spiritual ideal for me. I want people to heal with Mother Earth energies. Our idea, is to share  crystals & spirituality World wide, this creates a positive ripple effect into our Universe....
We have everything Gypsy, Hippie, Witchy & healing for our Mind, Body & Spirit at MoonstoneGypsyAU.
Our crystals are filled with love, light & healing. They originate from worldwide locations and are always ethically sourced. We hand select the highest quality crystals based on vibrations, healing & beauty.
I personally Cleanse & Charge our crystals. This is done at the beach, or for those non water loving crystals on our Hinterland property. I am happy to program them, just request it with you order.
Crystal Healing works by restoring balance to our Etheric body before illness manifests further to our physical self. I am happy to answer any questions on healing and crystals you may have.  
I recommend caring for your crystals by regularly cleansing, charging & programming them. They absorb our negative energies, therefore cleansing is essential to keep them happy, working & healing us.
Information on crystal properties, healing and benefits is on every listing. Crystal Care tips are located on our website drop down menu under "information".     You are welcome to copy the information for personal use only, please respect MoonstoneGypsyAU copyright.
Tarot Readings are conducted by Taylar, who is Certified with a Diploma in her field. Whilst having natural abilities, she further enhanced it, with more in depth spiritual learning. Taylar is professional and accurate. 
For Mama Earth and the environment, we do not include printed information sheets on each crystal purchased. Instead if requested, we will send it, via the email you provide. Just add a note requesting this, in your order or message me.
On each Collection I have included the properties and uses of all crystal shapes and their healing properties. Each is unique in their vibration given.
If you want to learn about a certain crystal the easiest way to locate it is in the Tumble Stone Collection.This is like our online dictionary of crystal energies. All are listed alphabetically and we list over 100 crystal types with their metaphysical properties.
When choosing crystals always trust your intuition! Crystals will call us when we need them. If a certain one grabs your attention, that is your new energy to work with.
All pieces are photographed in natural light & are not edited, all include measurements, weight & information. You receive the crystal featured in the photo, unless it is a multiple listing, which is always stated.
We upload new stock 5 days a week and are always expanding our collections.
We are an online business, located in the beautiful Eumundi Hinterland Queensland, Australia
Enjoy your visit with us and positive vibes your way....
Blessed Be Kelli & Wayne xx