Jewellery Conversion Chart for our Rings

All our jewellery is made Overseas by our Silversmiths

It uses US sizing which is numerals 

AU uses initials which are easily converted using our chart below

All silver is genuine .925 and it may be worn everyday without issue

However,  do not wear in the ocean, spas or swimming pools. 

Perfumes, body oils, natural body acids and lotions can also affect crystals and silver, if used directly on the skin where the jewellery is placed.

Your jewellery may become tarnished, damaged or the stones visibly duller and we are not liable for this.

We are also not liable if you drop or knock your ring, earrings, or pendant  and the stones fall out or become loose. 

We do not refund for change of mind, wrong sizing or incorrect choices

We follow health standards and no jewellery has been worn, exchanged or sold previously