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Reiki infuses us with the highest good and is beneficial for everyone of all ages and walks of life. It uses energy that is channelled through me to you. 

This ancient Japanese practice is a beautifully non-invasive transfer of holistic healing, to compliment your lifestyle. Practicing and receiving Reiki is like receiving the ultimate healing hug, big love and healing from the Universe! It can never cause you harm, but it may and does amplify your ailment within the first 24-48 hours after your session! This is a natural response and indicates our body is self healing.

I offer a 30-45 minute healing session of Reiki along with crystal healing. I am qualified and accredited in both these fields and studied for a couple of years, hands-on and theory to gain these accreditations. It was not a weekend course or book I assure you. I have been offering my energy healings now for many years and have completed thousands, which I am very grateful to you all for. 

For full details on the Reiki Session, how it works and to book a session click on my link and enjoy! 





Hello and blessings to you all! I’m excited to announce I’ve launched my own business where I offer a range of services including:


🖤 Tarot readings

🖤 Hypnotherapy

🖤 Past life regression

🖤 Psychotherapy counselling 

For tarot reading bookings & all the other services CLICK the link below or alternatively refer to the Tarot Reading product listing and you will be directed to my website Otherworldly Counselling and Past Life Regression