Future Revelations Reading (insight for the rest of 2022) 🌈



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IMPORTANT - Upon booking your tarot reading, it is your responsibility to email me promptly with the following details:
Full Name
Your chosen 1-2 questions for your Spirit Guides
My email address is: tarottaylar88@yahoo.com

~ You will receive your reading within 10 working days of booking purchase ~ 


Connecting with your Spirit Guides, auric energy, and the symbolic archetypes of tarot, you will gain insight on your chosen focus points, which include: 

~ The main universal energies that will surround you for the remainder of 2022 and Spirit’s advice of how to best work them 

~ Using a three-card tarot spread to reveal the main themes of the rest of your 2022 year

~ Guidance, advice, messages or warnings that your Spirit Guides want you to hear about the next 12-14 months

~ What area of your life should focus on closely/prioritise/has the most potential to grow in 2022 e.g., career, finances, health, relationships, introducing changes, creativity, business, spirituality, personal growth, endings, new beginnings etc.

~ Your 1-2 questions for Spirit that you would like insight on

P.s. The aim of this future reading is to provide you with valuable knowledge and guidance, to assist you in effectively navigating through the rest of your 2022 year!

A little insight about me and how I conduct my tarot readings…

I am a philosophical thinker and deeply spiritual person. I have been a professional tarot reader since 2018 and have provided over 700 intuitive readings for clients!!✨

With my tarot readings, I connect with your personal energy, Spirit Guides (both mine and yours) and intertwine the messages I receive from tarot with the messages I hear in my mind. This is why I offer online readings and do not need to be face-to-face with clients, as spiritual readings are conducted through energy connection, trust and intuition 💕

I am internationally accredited with a certification in Tarot Reading, which I studied extensively for. The reason I decided to “certify” my natural intuitive ability, is to provide clients with peace of mind that I am 100% genuine and invested in providing an authentic and honest reading. 

Everything in your tarot reading and emails is completely confidential! 


~ I do not claim to have medical knowledge. Any readings focusing on health or pregnancy, should not be replaced by the advice of a medical practitioner.

~ I am not a medium and cannot contact deceased loved ones.

~ I can see into future events within a 12 -14 month radius, but cannot foresee extensive years ahead.