Afghanistan Jade Sphere Includes Wooden Holder



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weight: 206gms

Diameter: 55mm

This beautiful patterned stone comes in a variety of colours and patterns

It is referenced as Jade but is a form of Serpentine also

Use it as a protective amulet and keep in your home

It has been used since ancient times for its powerful healing energies

It is helpful for anyone suffering eating disorders or obesity

Serpentine/Afghan Jade increase self confidence and allows you to trust your inner intuition

It is a stone of fresh starts and shedding old issues

Metaphysically healing for weak muscles, skin issues like eczema and rashes or varicose veins

 Crystal spheres/balls contain their energies within and promote harmony to their surrounds

They send even healing vibes in all directions due to their perfect shape

Ancient China believe them to harness the Suns energies and transfer this to our homes for abundance, prosperity and good luck

Use as a focal point during meditation or for scrying.