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Agate Slice ~ Orange

Agate Slice ~ Orange

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CHAKRA: Heart and Root


Height: 110mm

Width: 84mm

Agate is a powerful Earth energy that brings balance to our Yin/Yang energies

It offers protection and vitality to our surrounds

Agate stabilises our Aura and brings harmony and calming energies

Agate brings courage, strength, confidence and eases our fears

Hold over Chakras in healings to release any blocked energies and restore free flow energy

Magickally these slices are wonderful to help access the Akashic Records and induce deep meditation

Used by candle light allow their banding and Druzy holes to transport you to another spiritual realms

Agate keeps us spiritually protected during psychic work and also grounds us with Mother Earth as our mind roams the higher spiritual planes....

I recommend not washing your agate slices in soapy water as they are dyed and the colour will transfer and fade.

Simply dry them or wipe with a paper towel after use.


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