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Albite Cluster

Albite Cluster

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CHAKRA: Sacral and Solar Plexus


weight: 190gms

height: 59mm

width: 80mm

All hail this beautiful feldspar crystal and Goddesses unite! 

Albite is a crystal that is perfect for all women and their emotions and body

Use for maintaining balance within your life and daily work

If you find you have trouble relaxing and switching off from work mode, this crystal may be just what you need in your routine

If may also be used for helping locate lost items! Try holding it and seeing in your minds eye a location your left something. It may take practice but those vibrations and energy can be developed, with practice!

Being Feldspar this crystal closely links with Moonstone and her Magick

Use it during full moon phases and as a wishing stone, she links us with the lunar cycles

Albite also is most powerful,used during our menstrual cycles, she eases our mood swings,moms and calms us

Metaphysically Healing for menstrual cycles, post natal depression and nausea


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