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Anandalite Cluster

Anandalite Cluster

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weight: 507gms

height: 64mm

width: 107mm

This beautiful crystal is known by a few names ~ Divine Bliss, Aurora, and Aurora Rainbow

She is quite hard to source and not to be missed! 

When held to the light, tiny rainbows may be seen radiating from the many terminations, hence the name Aurora Rainbow

It is a stone that originates in the gorgeous Himalayan Mountains

Useful for enhancing self awakening and finding your potential within

It has energies that radiate joy and happiness

Good for easing disappointments and keeping you optimistic

Use for meditation to connect with higher spiritual realms

Clusters are little families of terminations who charge each other with their vibrant energy

Clusters promote positivity in their surrounds and banish negative or stagnant energy 

When placed in a room during healings they purify and keep the energy separate from the Healer and the client, to ensure the best outcome 

Clusters are wonderful to recharge your jewellery and other smaller stones 








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