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Angel Aura Spirit Quartz

Angel Aura Spirit Quartz

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CHAKRA:  Solar Plexus and Crown

weight: 468gms

height: 53mm

width: 128mm

The most angelic of all the Aura family!

This pretty multi toned Quartz opens and activates our Heart and our Crown for enlightenment and love

Use for opening yourself up to divine knowledge and bring new spiritual growth

Used during meditation will help connect with the higher realms of Angels and Spirit Guides

A crystal with love, light and peaceful calming energy

Angel aura allows us to feel compassion, forgiveness and heal relationships

The heat reaches 871 degrees Celsius or 1600 Farenheight, the minerals are then bonded

This is a modern day form of alchemy which the purified metals are added to the vacuum and fuse permanently to the outer quartz crystal. This results in a beautiful metallic rainbow appearance

Crystals that have been coloured or heat treated still hold their original energy vibration within. Nothing can change this! I liken it to us colouring our hair, wearing makeup, painting our nails etc. We remain the same person & soul within!

Metaphysically healing for relieving body aches, easing worry and panic. Bringing emotional balance and stability.

This unique crystal is wonderful for bonding families together and keeping in your home if you renovate or change homes, it helps transition and settlement

The more little crystals growing on each Quartz , the more powerful the piece will be

Spirit Quartz that has many little growths, is used as a Fertility Charm and is believed to assist with fertility or difficult preganancies

This type of Spirt Quartz activates our higher chakras

Use it for spiritual growth and enlightenment

This stone has energies of fire, passion and creativity

Magical Aspect ~ Use when sending distant healing or keep a piece centred in a room during mediumship development



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