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I have created these healing pouches based on my knowledge gained from my Crystal Healing Certification. These pouches are designed to help us by engaging our physical, etheric, astral and mental bodies. These all form together and create our persona.

Crystal healing works by restoring balance on our etheric body before the illness manifests further. The Etheric body is a duplicate of our physical body and radiates around 4 inches above and is a higher vibration.

The etheric appears as a fine grey mist and does not filter bad or good vibes. This is when crystal healing is used to remove the blocks and restore healthy flow.

I recommend you leave these stones on or around your body for at least 15- 20 minutes to allow their energies to take effect. Crystals can become more powerful when used repeatedly for the same purpose.

We all feel pent up rage, anger and emotions and at times we find it hard to move forward from something that has upset us deeply, like work, relationships or just life in general. These stones contain a wonderful energy to compliment each other and help us get our inner Zen back to that of composure and peace.

It is healthy and normal to scream, cry and feel overwhelmed, but we can’t dwell on it,  or that is when we invite negative energy to stay with us, get it out and move on forward!

AMAZONITE ~ this green soothing stone reminds us to go with the flow and relax, it brings peaceful energy and gives us strength at the same time

DUMORTIERITE~ a stone of new growth and perfect used in anger management sessions. It brings forward a positve outlook and calms and releases pent up emotions, so we regain our balance. It allows us to release any baggage from relationships we carry that may make us negative, depressed or angry

WHITE HOWLITE ~ perfect to diffuses anger and stress and replace it with harmony and calm energies. It allows us to connect with our higher spiritual self and with Divine. Relieves pain and aids peaceful sleep and dreaming

SHIVA LINGHAM ~ the perfect balance of Yin/Yang energies, this holy stone is one of the best to keep with you everyday. It directs our energy flow and helps raise our all important inner Kundalini for vital life force energy and living

RHODONITE ~ balance for Yin/Yang energy and perfect harmony. Allows us to feel love and release negative or feelings or anger. Opens the Heart for understanding and relationships

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