Apache Tear Raw Tumble Stones



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Weight: 10gms

Height: 22mm

Width: 22mm

This is a beautiful stone that has spiritual meaning behind it

I have a Native American Grandfather so this legend holds dear for me as do all of them

Apache Tears are named after an incident in Arizona in the 1870's 

The US Calvary attacked the Apaches, when the women lost their warriors they were so distraught they wept for a whole month. These tears formed into the rocks and created Apache Tears

It is said that buy keeping a stone it will protect you from sorrow, for the Apache women cried tears for you also 

They will unlock and release feelings of grief and unresolved feelings when all seems dark and allow you to move forward to the light

Metaphysically healing for muscle spasms, blockages in the lower body parts and relieving skin irritations 

Place in your pocket, purse or bra for healing wherever you may be

Place under your pillow or on your bedside for healing vibes whilst sleeping

You receive one raw Apache Tear intuitively chosen for you each is uniquely beautiful!