Apophyllite Cluster ~ 896gms

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CHAKRA: Heart and Third Eye


weight: 896gms

height: 90mm

width: 117mm

This is a beautiful large formed cluster and she has wonderful energies to match at just under a kg!

In cluster form this crystal draws negativity away from other crystals placed beside them

Apophyllite is a powerful tool that can stimulate your psychic abilities and help connection with guides and Angels

It promotes peace, harmony and calming energies wherever you place it

It brings people together emotionally and is healing for relationships

Metaphysically healing for asthma, hay fever and respiratory problems

A crystal that is similar to  Reiki treatment

Great if you have horses it will calm and heal, so useful for horse whisperers and owners

Clusters contain intergrated energies

Clusters are great used in absent healing and energise other crystals and their surrounds

They bring the body back into harmony and restore imbalances

Clusters used in a room where you practice, meditation, Reiki, divination or healing will absorb negative vibes away from the healer and patient