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Aragonite Tumble Stones

Aragonite Tumble Stones

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This beautiful stone brings natural stability and common sense to our life

A wonderful stone to keep if you are setting up a new business or learning a new job, to keep you from feeling overwhelmed

They ease your stress & anxiety, and allow you to ascend to the higher realms of angels & other spirit guides

Hold a star in your hand whilst earthing in nature to bring healing and grounding vibes to yourself

It brings generosity in money, time and sharing of ideas

Aragonite removes lingering anger from the past and allows you to move forward for new growth

Metaphysically healing for slipped discs, bone fractures, IBS, exhaustion and skin conditions 

Tumble stones are the perfect way to learn new energies, and do crystal healing

Place in your bra, under your pillow or carry with you during your daily routine

You receive one tumble stone shown, chosen intuitively for you, each is uniquely beautiful 


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